The Beastgear is a powerful armor used to combat any threat. They are activated when its user channels their animal spirit.

Background Edit

Based on the proposed "Sakurai" theory from the Special Disaster Response Team Division 2's own technology expert, Sakurai Ryoko, "Beastgear" is the name of a special, counter-measure armor that was created through the phonic gain of unique relics and the energy from creatures with powerful energies like the Tailed Beasts and Spectral Beasts. Having been developed with the use of multiple theories and technologies outside the relm of traditional science it is currently the only existing weapon known to stop world-wide disasters and dangerous threats, however to avoid conflict with current constitutional laws its existence has been completely hidden to the public.

Able to respond to the synthetic vibration resonance created by the fighting spirit of the user, the Beastgear's greatest trait is its internal functionality to channel the animal energy inside of them. By synchronizing that energy with the user through yelling a code required to use it, the Beastgear displays an incredibly high rate of battle potential.

Although the armor is able to absorb damage during battle, any sort of disruption of the song will result in a temporary dampening of its battle potential. At the moment, this is the only weakness that has been observed in the Beastgear system.

Most Beastgears has a ultimate form called X-Drive Form, where most of its limiters are released, giving the user immense power, capable of destroying a great amount of any threat at once. Depending on the number of limiters released, the armor may manifest in different forms under X-Drive mode.

Evolution Edit

Over the course of the 3 seasons, each user's Beastgear has changed a little bit.

It is currently unkown what truly caused this in-world other than the theory of Gear evolution. Many fans have theorized that the X-Drive is responsible, or they unlock it on their own, etc. Due to the list of relics showing certain 'levels', it is possible the gear can be 'leveled up' and more modes unlocked.

What has changed on each Beastgear:

  • Tiger Habakiri — This Beastgear has gone through the most changes. In the time between the series prologue and the beginning of the main story, it gained additional armor plates on the shoulders and back, together with longer blades on either ankle and more stripes while the tail gains a blade, along with a majority of it becoming white. In G, her neck-fabric became smaller and more settled, and a whiter color scheme. During GX Cloe gets a more bluish color scheme on her outfit and some fabric on her hips are removed, exposing some skin and providing more movement.
  • Dragon Gungnir — Between the first and second seasons, Zak's Gungnir had the pistons used for his punches replaced with much bigger rockets and with sharp claws, thus eliminating the need for him to manually pull the pistons back for each attack and giving him a wider array of attacks. He also gains two long scarves with gems on them, and a crest on his chest. In GX, the entire gear becomes yellower in color and he loses the fabric on his torso, exposing more of his skin and resembles Mark more. His scarves also become shorter and the crest becomes more v-shaped, his tail also gains spikes and a blade, his wings also get bigger and can also transform into shields.
  • Falcon Ichaival — Fenzy' gear used to have mostly magenta and aqua blue color scheme, but in G she gets more white and a back talon on her clawed shoes. The headgear grows bigger and covers more of her head as well and resembles more like Megaman's Falzar Beast Out helmet. She also gains plates on her arms, allowing for crossbows to appear there and allowing more hand-movement. When Fenzy transforms in GX, The noticeable changes are the magenta has grown much brighter, and her shoes are now red too with longer talons and stretch up to her thighs, her wings are bigger as well.
  • Triceratops Shagana — Between the second and third season, Kiets's horn-blades grew longer and pointed outwards, providing more defense. He also had some of the black sections of his Gear replaced with white and his arsenal was enhanced with a pair of razor-bladed mace weapons. The color scheme becomes a brighter, and much lighter green than before.
  • Panther Igalima — Lena's gear had it's black sections became white and the purple parts became much lighter. Her helmet and shoulder-blades became purple and much glossier, and gained high-heeled clawed boots intend of just heels. Also, she gains a small five-pointed purple star on each thigh, her tail also gains a crest on the tip.
  • Kirin Airgetlam —