Cross Fusion (クロスフュージョン Kurosu Fyūjon?) is a specific term used in the whole anime series. Through the use of a "Synchro Brazelet" and a "Synchro Gem" while in a "EM Wave Area," a Tailed Beast/AM-Bian/Digimon and its partner can merge into one being, while possessing two consciousnesses (if not in Full Synchro).

Description Edit

Researching ways to transfer network data into the real world, Yuichiro Hikari studies the phenomenon produced by the EM Core, a sphere of energy that allows viruses to exit the Cyber World. His experiments lead him to test devices known as Synchro Brazelets and gems known as Synchro Gems in the presence of EM Areas (the successor to the EM Core) to create hybrid beings through Cross Fusion. But, it is risky for it can drain the energy of both the User and Tailed Beast/AM-Bian/Digimon leaving damage to the human and Tailed Beast/AM-Bian/Digimon body, where any wounds to one entity will harm the other in exactly the same place (E.g. a cut to the face on a User will show as a cut to the face on the Partner as well).

The process of Cross Fusion is initiated manually by an User (Either a Lord of Nature, Sendokai Warrior or something else) by slotting in a Synchro Gem into his/her Synchro Brazelet while his/her surroundings are enveloped by the EM Area dome, which is itself regulated by either EM Converters or EM Generators. As a result of this transformation, an operator and his/her partner can fight together without the need of power up items, as well as search for weak points in the defenses of their enemies. In the Japanese version, a Tailed Beast/AM-Bian/Digimon's name gains the prefix "R-" after Cross Fusion takes place.

The factor that determines whether or not an User is able to Cross Fuse is known as the Synchro Rating. A person with a higher rate is more likely able to Cross Fuse than one who has a low rate. If an User and Partner's bond is not activated, Cross Fusion is not possible. The User and Partner must be in perfect harmony in order for the transformation to take place (although there are a few exceptions, see below). The operators also risk possible danger, as their bodies cannot be easily healed, repaired or restored like a Tailed Beast/AM-Bian/Digimon's Energy/data and the Partner itself resides in the fused Op's chest, where a direct hit could possibly mean severe injury. With certain Users, pieces of clothing or accessories that the operators wear are broken down into Energy/data, and are sent to the Synchro Brazelet when the fusion is finished. However, on several occasions, it might exchange anyone's minds if they represent contrasting elements and beasts and if they use Full Synchro too much but can leave the Partner unaffected and it can only be reversed if the two Users Cross Fuse again with the Partner Corresponding to the body they are in and perform Full Synchro again, such as Keith and Lance when they Cross Fused with RizeGreymon and WereGarurumon and tried using Full Synchro against a Digifused SkullGreymon and Ebidramon.

Characters able to use Cross Fusion Edit

  • Kai and his partners
  • Shiro and his partners
  • Zak and his partners
  • Agrom and his partners
  • Keith and his partners
  • Toby and his partners
  • Cloe and her partners
  • Soleanna and her partners
  • Pidge and her partners
  • Nick and her partners
  • Kiet and his partners
  • Hunk and his partners
  • Lucas and his partners
  • Fenzy and her partners
  • Noctis and his partners
  • Piron and his partners
  • Tasaru and his partners
  • Zapus and his partners
  • Lance and his partners
  • Jessica and her partners
  • Glacieall and her partners
  • Yvaine and her partners
  • Ombra-Nii and her partners
  • Deron and his partners
  • Cyro and his partners
  • Allura and her partners
  • Lynn and his partners
  • Mook and his partners
  • Yuna and her partners
  • Kogenta and his partners
  • Grey and his partners
  • Ashley and her partners
  • Theo and his partners
  • Crescent and her partners
  • Master Noran and his partners
  • All Jinchuriki
  • Lon and his partners
  • The Mutant Turtles
  • Splinter
  • Neon Force Team
  • Others