The elemental relics are ancient artifacts with various abilities, there are many relics of each element:

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Time Stone: While it is a Water Relic, the Time Stone is the most famous relic to ever exist and there is only one left, contained in a special small chest deep within a hidden chamber within the Sea Kingdom. This blue fist sized stone is able to manipulate time, mainly slowing time down and anyone can feel the effects, think normally but all movement is slowed down to near snail’s pace. Instinctive creatures though hate the effects of this relic, as it drives them completely berserk and they’ll destroy anything in an attempt to ignore the effects. If wielded by the person the stone sees as its master, it can be taken out of the chest without the effects immediately being felt everywhere, and the master can then not only use its time slowing powers on only a specific person, but also provide ways into travelling to a certain timeline. Sadly, this particular relic is kept hidden and locked away to protect not only it but everything else as well. Those who know of the stone’s existence question why it was even created, but there is no clear answer.

Aquatic Band Relic: This relic is not well known but there are plenty of them. By putting on this relic, one transforms into a Water Gormiti version of one’s self, with all the powers and abilities that come with being a Sea Gormiti. The relic is not well known due to it only being made for those who are from other tribes, but it does prove useful and has been used many times during famous battles. If not used for its abilities, the relic does make a common collector’s item for those who own it for its design. 

Spike Chain Relic: There is plenty of speculation surrounding this relic to whether it should even be classified as a Water Tribe Relic, but in actual fact it is. The story of how this relic came to be is among the favourites of those who love ancient stories and legends, and is often told as a kid’s story. The story goes that millions of years ago, a famous blacksmith lived alone on the far outskirts of the kingdom, spending days making certain weapons and many other things. One day, a stranger broke into his home and, not wanting to move aside, the blacksmith agreed to the stranger’s challenge. The blacksmith had many weapons but his personal favourite was a long chain passed down to him as a gift from his great-grandfather. As the two fought, storm clouds gathered and began swirling above the place, lightning flashing each time the stranger’s sword blade collided with the metal chain. At the climax of the fight, the blacksmith lost his balance and lifted the chain to block the sword, lightning striking both weapons and a bright flash ended the fight. The next morning, the blacksmith awoke to find everything was normal, the stranger gone as though having never been there, except the chain was different. It had gained two large spikes on the sides, and it had clearly become more than a regular chain. What became of the blacksmith after this is unknown, but many believe a part of him now resides within the chain, which is held up for display in a weapon’s area within the kingdom. Not many can control this relic, but if one can then the weapon can lengthen and shorten by mere thought, the spikes can change size and multiply into more spikes, and the possibilities are almost endless really. As to why people speculate if it is a Water Relic, well, the answer is that Water Gormiti aren’t known to use such weapons, mostly leaving it for other tribes to master such weapons. 

Summoning Shell Relic: Around the size of a dagger, this relic takes the form of a shell and is used to summon certain sea creature eg Leviathans, Kelpies, certain species of fish, etc. When summoned, the creature remains under slight control by the summoner, but there is a catch. The summoner must pay a specific dept, mostly in the form of a kind of sickness, the most common being dizziness, coughing up blood and immense pain all over the body. The larger the creature, the more severe the sickness and the longer it’ll last, the longest ever being a whole week. To use the relic though is very easy, simply blow through it while thinking of the creature to be summoned, but prepare for the after effects once the creature is no longer needed. It is because of these side effects that people choose to only use the relic in the most desperate situation, when there is no other option left but these are surprisingly also a famous collector’s item, so there are plenty of these relics despite the dark reputation.      

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Magical Feather Relic: A magical feather that writes down anything it hears, even the less appropriate words are written down by this crafty thing. Created in ancient times, these feathers are still used to this day as ways to hold records on important meetings, stories and so forth. They are in a sense almost alive and never need a new supply of ink, as well as being able to turn the pages of the books they are given to write in. It is so perfect at its job that other tribes have been known to trade valuable gems just to have one, and it can be activated by simply saying the word “Latiala” and stopped by saying “Cosendren”, but do expect it to sometimes activate by itself as any powerful radiation of magic will activate it and cause it to start writing nonsense on a separate piece of paper that must be there for just such times, though it’ll stop after a minute or so.

Air Disguise Relic: This relic’s name speaks for itself. Used to disguise the wearer as an Air Gormiti, granting powers and all, this relic is strangely only meant to be worn by females. This is because the relic originates from ancient times of war and to keep entire clans from dying out, females would take their children and use the relic to fly to safety while the men stayed behind to distract whatever was attacking them. Nowadays, it’s seen as a popular jewellery attire or collectors item, and is highly prized by certain clans who still follow the ancient ways.

Sound Whip Relic: Believe it or not, the first Air Gormiti didn’t control the air at all, they controlled sound. While many find this impossible to believe, this relic is proof of this ancient beginning to the tribe. It works like a normal whip but with a twist. Depending on whether the wielder wants to cause a loud sound or simply a sound loud enough to get someone’s attention, the whip can create these sounds and each person will hear a different volume to it. So, if someone has very sensitive hearing, the sound will be softer and spread out, while for someone who’s hearing isn’t quite so good, the sound will be louder and sudden. This also can be used as a normal weapon as it was the streamline design and flexibility of the whip that helped Air Gormiti gain control over the air element, so this weapon is highly prized and tends to be passed down through the generations of the same family origins. And yes, while things have changed and the whip is now a less desired weapon to use in combat, there are still a few who master it and stick to the more ancient ways.

Crystal Air Relic: Not much can actually be said about this relic as it is more often than not just worn for the sake of it, although at times it can be quite useful. For one it is almost like a tracking device, allowing one to find any gem or precious stone of their choosing, and Air Gormiti tend to have a keen eye for such sparkles. Its other use would be the immediate mastery and control of the wind, no teaching or background knowledge required and this has proven useful to teach those who learn slower than most people. It is also said to enhance psychic abilities such as telepathy but this is more speculation than actual fact. The crystal’s origins aren’t known as they come from a time when knowledge was passed down through stories, and as a result no one knows how these came into existence nor what other abilities it may have that is yet to be rediscovered.

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