Gormiti Sendokai Legendary Warriors is an American animated web television series. It is a reboot of both the Gormiti series and the Sendokai Champions franchise while is a crossover with other shows, and its animation is a mix of anime influence for characters and background and CGI for Mecha action sequences.

Summary Edit

For millennia, the Zorn Empire has plagued the universe by conquering planets, enslaving it's inhabitants and stealing their resources. The only known threat to the empire's power and plans is the legendary Lord of Nature and Sendokai Warriors, a group composed of warriors with elemental powers each one represents and they have special Digimon partners with the same element as their partner along with alien partners who are known as the AM-Bian warriors. At the crux of the war that ended with the vanishing of the original team, the Eyes of Life, the orbs that represent the elements, along with the AM-Bians and Digimon were separated by Supreme Luminos in order to protect the  from falling into the Marshal Zorn and Magor's possession. Before being sealed in his orb, Supreme Luminos bonded the the AM-Bians', Digimon's and Orbs' energies to the Water Plesiosaur AM-Bian Plezuon's life force and sent them across the universe to different locations until the time for the next generation of Paladins to appear become the new team arrived. The master Tanpo, the Old Sage, Bragigas, Plezuon and their supporters Razzle and Lula, and the Primal Pad base were hidden on a safe dimension along with Bragigas. While that happened, energy beasts with random numbers of tails related to the heroes named the Tailed Beasts were sealed into infants who will soon be the new team in order to keep their powers away from the Zorn Empire. In the present, the Zorn Empire's path of conquest and search for the Elements has led them to Earth's solar system. A group of space pilots – Kai, Zak, Agrom, Nick, Noctis, Piron, Tasaru, Cloe, Jessica, Lucas, Kiet and Fenzy, including the legendary Megaman, Geo - discover the Orbs, Tuperanda and the Digimon and immediately get swept up into the Zorn War. They meet Tampo, Old Sage, Bragigas and Plezuon, become the next Lords of Nature and Sendokai Warriors, and reunite the AM-Bians to form the ZyuWarrior and combat The Marshal Zorn's and Magor's nefarious schemes and ultimately defeat the entire Zorn Empire.

Cast Edit

Pilots Edit

The pilots of Voltron, also known as the Paladins:

  • Kai - Pilot of Saberodon and Lord of Light
  • Zak - Pilot of Gabutyra and Sen-Kun of Fire
  • Agrom - Pilot of Stegotchi and Lord of Earth
  • Cloe - Pilot of Plezuon and Sen-Kun of Water
  • Nick - Pilot of Stegotchi and Lord of Earth
  • Jessica - Pilot of Tuperanda and Lord of Air
  • Lucas - Pilot of Stymero and Lord of Forest
  • Noctis - Pilot of Tuperanda and Lord of Air
  • Piron - Pilot of Plezuon and Lord of Water
  • Fenzy - Pilot of Tuperanda and Sen-Kun of Air
  • Kiet - Pilot of Stegotchi and Sen-Kun of Earth
  • Tasaru - Pilot of Stymero and Lord of Forest
  • Toby - Nick's long-lost older brother, Pilot of Pleuzon and Lord of Water
  • Gina - Pilot of Blizzarwing and Lord of Ice
  • Soleanna - Pilot of Gabutyra and Lord of Fire
  • Glacieall - Pilot of Blizzarwing and Lord of Ice
  • Yvaine - Pilot of Saberodon and Lord of Light
  • Ombra-Nii - Pilot of Black Gabutyra and Lord of Darkness
  • Zapus - Pilot of Zakutor and Lord of Lightning
  • Cyro - Pilot of Dimenkodon and Lord of Metal

Guardians Edit

The last survivors of the original Gorm:

  • Tampo - One of the mentors of the team and pilot of the Temple of Warriors, then revealed to be the pilot of Bragigas.
  • Old Sage - Another one of the mentors of the team and pilot of the Temple of Warriors. Later to be Magor's brother and the original good Guardian of Fire.
  • Bragigas - Another one of the mentors of the team and pilot of the Temple of Warriors, later revealed to be the Zyudenryu of Quitessence and Gabutyra's father.
  • Plezuon - Princess of Water and co-commander / co-pilot of the Temple of Warriors, later revealed to be the Zyudenryu of Water and Jinchuriki of Dark Polypus
  • Razzle - A sarcastic talking dinosaur and operator of the Hall of Warriors.
  • Lula - A small flying creature that is always by Tampo's side and also Razzle.
  • Supreme Luminos - The original Lord of Light, responsible for sending the Zyudenryu, Digimon and Orbs to the far corners of the multiverse for protection. Used to exist as a hologram within the Temple of Warriors.

Zorn Empire Edit

  • Marshal Zorn - Leader of the forces of Zorn and conquerer of most of the known multiiverse.
  • Magor - Head of the Lava Gormiti, a group of beasts in the service of the Marshal Zorn who gather the dark energy as a power source and create the robeasts to fight Zyuden Warrior.
  • Magmion - A Zorn commander Lava Gormiti tasked with capturing or destroying the Zyudenryu along with the base. He is the first major enemy fought by the team.
  • Lavion
  • Obscurio
  • Subcommander Kazkrad
  • Chief Information Officer Sidmonious
  • Lalith

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  1. The Rise of the Heroes - Hour-long Series Premiere
  2. Some Assembly Required
  3. Return of the Gladiator
  4. The Visitor
  5. Return of the Light
  6. Going Green
  7. Shock to the System
  8. The Fall of the Temple of Warriors
  9. Tears of the Forest
  10. Taking Flight
  11. Return to the Forest
  12. The Tailed Beasts
  13. A New Arrival
  14. The Ice Village
  15. Power Play
  16. The Final Lesson
  17. Shell Shocked
  18. The Ice Warrior
  19. Exchange of the Wind and the Stone
  20. Monster Within
  21. Ocean's Giving
  22. Evolution
  23. A AM-Bian's Past, a Warrior's future
  24. Rebirth
  25. Crystal Venom
  26. Collection and Extraction
  27. The Lord of Light - Season 1 Finale