The tailed beasts (尾獣, bijū), sometimes referred to as "Tailed Monsters" (チャクラのバケモノ, Tailed no Bakemono), are the titanic living beings created by the Old Sages. They are differentiated by the number of tails they have, ranging from one to nine or more, there were many generations of Tailed Beasts for many centuries.

History Edit

Long before the Great Battle of the Original Sendokai Warriors against the Zorn Empire, the Wise Sages saved the world by sealing the Ultimate-Tailed Beasts into their body, becoming their jinchūrikis. Sometime later, Old Sage alongside the others were inspired by his sons, Bragigas and Optimus, to use their Creation of All Things ability to clone and divide the Ultimate-Tails' energy into countless generations of living entities, what would become the tailed beasts. The Sages named the nine and explained to them that a link existed between them despite their separation. He also foretold of a day when they would be brought together again — though not as they were — and that at that time someone would emerge to show them what true power is. After all but one Old Sage died, the tailed beasts were split apart, apparently due to the Original Lords of Nature and the Evil Lords were sucked into a Vortex with only Old Sage, Plezuon and Stegotchi escaping with the Eyes of Life, the Chosen Digi-Eggs and the capsules containing Tuperanda and Stymero, the original Good Lords survived but became tailed beasts themselves and 9 more tailed beasts were created, making yet another new generation. The tailed beasts were originally created not only to prevent the Dark Beings and the Dark Ultimate-Tails' awakening, but also to maintain and balance peace. The first person to come close to their original usage was Hashirama Senju, who had captured several of the tailed beasts with his Wood Release, distributed the beasts amongst the new villages in order to stabilise the balance of power between them. However, Hashirama's usage of the tailed beasts were forceful rather than earning their willful cooperation. This method would be realised in Hashirama's successor as Bragigas' students, The Lords of Nature and the Sendokai Warriors.

Over the centuries, humanity failed to know anything about the tailed beasts. Because of their immense power, the tailed beasts were sought out by dark individuals to be used as weapons in times of war. The beasts came to not know humans, at times losing control of their power by being possessed by evil beings to make them the beasts they were viewed as. In order to harness the beasts' power and help the future heroes control it so it will never fall to the wrong hands, the Legendary AM-Bian Warriors began sealing them into humans who are destined to be the heroes of the present, making them Jinchuriki. However, a few of them, like Lon, were made Jinchuriki by Dark Spirits that came from the Lords of Natures' dark side or it would possibly be the Dark-Ultimate Tailed Beasts.

Decades later, after the final battle against the Zorn Empire, The Gran Zorn begins capturing the Multiverse' jinchūriki with Dark Beasts in order to extract the Dark Beasts and seal them into the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path for the purposes of reviving the Ultimate-Tails. By the time of the Final Battle against the Gran Zorn, Lon who is the Gran Zorn at the point due to being possessed by Dark Grezar, has captured the first seven dark tailed beasts. In order to capture the last two, Dark Polypus and Dark AncientGreymon, Lon seals the dark beasts back into their respective Jinchuriki to control them and forces them to fight their own Jinchuriki, and the Good Tailed Beasts' jinchūriki: The 3 Teams of the Lords of Nature and the Sendokai Warriors, respectively. From the Lords' and the Warriors' determination to free them from Lon and his desire to learn their names, the good tailed beasts collectively decide that the Lords and the Warriors are the people the Wise Sages foretold of. They give him portions of their energy, enabling him to release the jinchuriki with Dark Beasts and their good Tailed Beasts from the Dark Tailed Beasts' and Lon's control.

Lon is able to reclaim fragments of the dark tailed beasts and, using fragments of the good tailed beasts' energy, prematurely revives Dark Grezar's body. Lon then becomes his Dark Sage Mode, but he is defeated by the United Sendokai Army and the dark energy fragments are removed from his body. The tailed beasts join forces against Lon, but he quickly defeats them all and seals Gridor Rahzar, BlackOmniShoutmon, Super Bebop and Mighty Rocksteasy, including the Mighty Mutavengers and Leomon (who got briefly got killed by Lon but Leomon extracted Liorgar from his body briefly to save him), into Lon and reforms the his Dark Sage Mode. Lon evolves into a new Dark Sage Mode with his victims' powers and attributes on his body and attempts to conquer the Multiverse. The Warriors uses their Tailed Beast Modes with the tailed beasts' earlier donations of energy and Gregar his newly restored powers to try and defeat him, but is unable to do so in time. Lon is afterwards mutated with Black Mutagen into a humanoid Dark Grezar, then he tries to take what portions of the other tailed beasts' energy the Warriors have.

Zak and Cloe combine their powers and their Digimon become MegaOmnimon and they all defeat Lon and seal Dark Grezar and his victims away in another dimension and Leomon is reborn into BanchoLeomon and breaks free while the Mutavengers are extracted from his body, finally Gregar got sealed at last into Lon to save him, offically making Lon, Gregar's Jinchuriki, ending the final battle. Lon, however, almost realising that he started the war in the first place, imprisons the the heroes' except with new powers and intends to fight Zak one more time so he won't hurt them any longer. Zak convinces him not to in the end, Lon along with his newly partnered beast Gregar and his Digimon BlackAgumon and BlackGabumon then vanish to somewhere else but he is good again while leaving a message on the floor saying "thank you" and the tailed beasts are finally accepted as partners and friends to their Jinchuriki and family. The evolved tailed beasts are now free to live in their respective dimensions with their new Jinchuriki as they want; the Lords and the Warriors' Beasts decide to stay with their Jinchuriki. However, though they are apart, the tailed beasts' energy fragments remain within the Warriors and the Lords, allowing their bodis to act as their "meeting ground".

Abilities Edit

Tailed beasts are widely believed to be bestial or animalisitc like the animal they are based on in nature, incapable of the intelligence needed to fully utilise their immense strength. It is thought that only when sealed within humans are they able to benefit from the knowledge of their jinchūriki to use their powers effectively. This is not actually true. However, Dark Grezar does tend to make wanton use of his powers, not focusing his abilities towards whatever end would be most advantageous to it until sealed into a jinchūriki. Dark Tailed Beasts are created when the real Tailed Beast's dark energy that comes from brainwashing or something worse comes out of the beast's body and becomes a dark copy of the beast.

Each of the tailed beasts have their own unique abilities, but they all share the same attributes: they have massive quantities of powerful energy - coloured the color their element and jinchuriki represents - far greater than what most Sen user or Gormiti have, can easily transfer their energy to whomever they choose, and can use the Tailed Beast Ball. Because the tailed beasts have powerful elemental energy, they cannot actually be killed; if they or their jinchūriki die, their energy will re-coalesce in time. In addition, if a large portion of a tailed beast's energy is separated from it, that energy becomes a separate, sentient copy of the tailed beast.

Tailed beasts can communicate telepathically with one another and their jinchūriki, and possess several levels of consciousness. In the initial level, the beast appears to be in a habitat of sorts, typically imprisoned in some way by whatever power or energy was used to seal them. The second level is where all the tailed beasts can convene and communicate with one another, free of any restrictions. Jinchūriki are also able to enter this level, but in order to do so, they must be completely linked with their tailed beasts.

The Tailed Beasts Edit

The tailed beasts in order of their number of tails:

  1. Shukaku, Lightabi, Aquarox, Cheetzor, Iguanzar, Infernofenix
  2. Matatabi, Foxoron, Ironhorn, Panthrus, Aquilar, Pterasion
  3. Isobu, Torakus, Shockcat, Falcora, Tigron, Tyrannokus
  4. Son Gokū, Liokarus, Wolblizzard, Wolkerus, Torozar, Sabersion
  5. Kokuō, Nobilmantis, Blizzarpard, Draferno, Drafenix, Falzar
  6. Saiken, Takarau, Toravine, Gorihorn, Gryphokar, Tricerakus
  7. Chōmei, Nocterius, Eaglestorm, Bladegriffor, Eliagron, Tigrora
  8. Gyūki, Polypus, Nerozar, Tenklar, Fenizar, Gregar
  9. Kurama, Gheos, Wolrock, Tricerus, Drakar, Drazor, Black Kurama, Red Kurama, Green Kurama, Blue Kurama, Yellow Kurama, Silver Kurama
  10. Ten-Tails, Supreme Luminos, Liorgar
  11. Ratzor
  12. Parazar
  13. Snekar
  14. Cridon
  15. Panthra
  16. Fenris

Trivia Edit

  • While most of the tailed beasts have conventional tails, Chōmei and Gyūki differ; Chōmei has one regular tail and six wings that make up its seven tails, while Gyūki has eight cephalopod limbs that serve as tails.
  • Despite having names, the tailed beasts do not generally use them, either for themselves or for each other, instead referring to each other by how many tails they have. the Original Lords are the only consistent exceptions, due to being normal Gormiti in the past.
  • There have been cases that both the tailed beasts and their jinchūriki are affected to a certain degree during a full moon:
    • According to Falzar, Gregar's Beast Out Triggers of Lon during his time as his permanent jinchuriki is especially strong during a full moon.
    • In the anime, Keith, during his time as Red Kurama's jinchūriki, noted that he would have trouble sleeping during the nights of the full moon, because anytime he would stare at it, it would reflect the loneliness in his heart. Red Kurama would take advantage of those moments of weakness and try to control over Keith's body. Keith was also shown to take sleeping pills which were made on Earth to help with this side-effect.
  • Several non-jinchūriki warriors have been said to hold energy levels or strength comparable to that of a tailed beast.
  • In the anime, the six tailed beasts that were used by Tobi shared a voice actor with one of each other's respective jinchūriki.
  • How the tailed beasts speak has been depicted inconsistently throughout the series, where sometimes their mouths move with their words and sometimes they don't.